FinDatEx files exchange platform

Platform to exchange FinDatEx files (EPT, EMT, EET, TPT ...) in an efficient way.

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The last few years have seen an increase in the number of file formats that management companies must produce and distribute to their clients

These formats are produced and maintained by FinDatEx. the main formats are EPT, EMT, EET, TPT. each of these formats has different versions.

The ability to collect or distribute these files in an efficient manner is an important issue. You have to be able to deal with the different variants of formats, the different channels (mail, sftp) ... with surprises every month!


We offer a platform that makes the exchange of FinDatEx (EPT, EMT, EET, TPT) files more efficient. The principle is simple: to offer a shared environment between insurers and management companies. This is our "Disclose Service".

The platform is adapted to the specifics of each file format : format control and validation, mass subscription...

We offer the plateform and support for it. We do not interfer in the relationship between the asset management companies and their customers. Our philosophy is to give our participants maximum control and autonomy.

Benefits for assets managers :

  • Make your files distribution efficient and secure
  • Know companies who use your data
  • Access data for your FoFs
  • Allow discritionnary access to your private files (mandats, or dedicated funds)

Benefits for subscribers :

  • Centralized data collection from distinct asset managers
  • Be on time: Keep track of expected data and delivery dates
  • Validation and control
  • Use the format that suits your need and automate FTP/sFTP or email processing
  • download one Files for a set of ISINs
  • ...


The Fund KIS Disclose Service has been designed from the start to allow controlled confidential data sharing: only approved subscribers can have access to confidential data.

The Fund KIS Disclose Service is used daily for the publication of fund factsheets, KIID and prospectus : each month, thousands of files go through our platform

Our architecture provides security and unmatched scalability


For data to be exchanged between two entities. One at least need to be a customer. This principle allows several situations

The basic service is provided free of charge. It allows:

  • Donwload files of our clients (pull mode)
  • Configure your FTP/sFTP server or emails and subscribe to asset management companies. Their files will be automatically sent to you (push mode)
  • Customize the format: separtors and other...
  • Publish an files that our customers can collect

The other advanced features are only available for service subscribers. Please contact us for more details.

Legal concerns

Any data exchange is covered by at least one contractual relationship that garanties to the other part quality, security and confidance expected for the exchange of such data.

Particpants (that are not customers) had no obligation and can stop using the platform at anytime. They can ask us to delete their account at any time.